Is it secure? Can I send my bank or credit card information safely?

Yes! Both our giving platform ( and our website host use bank-level encryption that meets proper security protocols. 

Can I set up recurring gifts?

Yup! If you create an account, you can give a one-time gift OR choose recurring gifts. You can direct to have a gift given to PBC weekly or monthly depending upon your preferences. Once set-up, your giving is automatic. Of course, you can cancel any time. 

What are the fees involved for the online giving or giving through the app? charges $0.30 per transaction + 2.9% for credit card donations OR $0.30 per transaction + 1.0% for ACH/bank donations.


Fee on $50 credit card is 50 x .029 + .30 = $1.75. 

Fee on $50 ACH = 50 x .01 + .30 = $0.80

Can I "cover the fees" so that PBC gets the full amount that I want to donate?

Yes!  If you choose the "cover the fees" option, the fees will be added to the charge to your credit card or bank account so that PBC will receive the full amount that you wanted to donate.  

For example: A $50 credit card gift to PBC with the "cover the fees" option checked means your credit card will be charged $51.75 and PBC will receive $50.00.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes!  We're even working on combining records so that your end-of-year statement includes donations given online and in the offering plate.

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